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Press Kit
The press kit released by Suzuki at launch.
A Sportbike for the Real World
First impressions of the TL1000S when it came out in 1997.  
Before Testing
Expectations of the Suzuki V-twin are high as the motorcycle press get a peek at the TL-S.
Forgotten Twin
Tribute to the TL1000S. Includes part on suspension tuning and tips for the TL-S.
The Best of the Best
Extract of the Super Twin shootout done by Motorcycle Online. 
Sport Twins
A couple of pictures and comments about the TL1000S.
Prize Puzzle
Yoshimura's evil twin! Steve Crevier's TL-R is tested by Don Canet for Cycle World.
Lindemann Shock Kit
Replacement kit for the rear rotary shock. Eliminates the rotary damper, and replaces the stock shock. 
Rotary Damper
Technical article on the TL rotary damper.
Yoshimura Superbike
Article on the Yoshimura TL racebike.
Part 1 : Operating Stable
Part 2 : Squatters Rights
Part 2 of the Operating Stable
Peep Show
Small comparison against a few of its peers.
Unfinished Business
Race-prepping the TL-R