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Sport Twins #1 : Suzuki TL1000S

The TL1000S
Front brakes are 320mm dual discs up front equipped with Tokico four-piston calipers. Performance is impressive if you can keep the front wheel on the ground long enough to use them.
The TL1000 features Suzuki's first mass-produced aluminum truss frame. It's extremely compact and offers exceptional torsional rigidity in a lightweight package. 
A built-in back torque limiter "slipper clutch" system prevents the rear wheel from locking and chattering on aggressive downshifts. The inner clutch hub has a separate stud plate that bolts to the clutch pressure plate (the outer plate, at right, with five radial holes in it) and rotates on a angled cam. When you're on the throttle, the cam pulls the clutch plate in to keep the spring tension at maximum, when you roll off the throttle, the stud plate rotates back and outward on the cam, releasing spring pressure and allowing the clutch to slip on deceleration. 
The TL's wide tank splays the rider's legs outwards, negating the narrow feel offered by its V-twin powerplant.
"Feels like your ridin' a GP bike!" 
If you can't wheelie a TL1000, you suck.